We offer a wide range of audio services which include but not limited to:

  • Audio Technology
  • Remote and Field Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Broadcast Audio
  • Mastering
  • MIDI Production
  • Voice Over
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Studio Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  • Audio for Interactive Media
  • Sound Design
  • Streaming Media and Webcast




If you need designs for your new business or event or project. We can help you with a multitude of services which include:

Photo & Video

We also offer a range of photo services. These include indoors, studio, and outdoor shoot and many more:

  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Retouching
  • Editting
  • Printing
  • Publication
  • Duplication
  • Revamping
  • Mobile Photo Shoots
  • Remote Studio Shoots
  • Event Photography
  • Product Placement Shoots